Weapon and Armor Ratings

Weapons and Armor carry ratings of 1 to 4. Weapon ratings add to damage on a successful attack, and Armor ratings reduce damage of a successful attack. An attack cannot be reduced below 1 shift.


Cumbersome weapons and armor provide a penalty that may apply to checks involving stealth, concealment, trust to not engage in combat, etc. This may or may not be applicable depending on the situation.


Some equipment may come with an aspect. While wearing or carrying the equipment, the aspect applies to the character.


Some weapons have a range. This is the number of zones outside of the zone you’re in that you can make an attack. If a weapon has a Range, it uses the Shoot skill. Weapons with no range use the Fight skill. Some weapons will have an * attached to the name. These weapons can be used in melee with Fight or ranged with Shoot.


Some equipment grants the use of a stunt while using it.


Weapon Weapon Rating Bulk Range Aspects Stunts
Tekko 1 0 Peasant’s Weapon
Tessen (Iron Fan) 0 0 Subtle Weapon
Kodachi 1 1 Small Sword
Shikomizue 1 1 Hidden Blade
Wakizashi 1 1 Daisho
Chokuto 2 2 Ancient Blade
Tsurugi 2 2 Ancient Blade, Double Edged
Katana 2 2 Daisho, Quick Draw
Tachi 2 2 Ancient Blade
Uchigatana 2 2 Ancient Blade, Quick Draw
Nagamaki 2 2 Anti-Calvalry
Nodachi, Odachi 2 3 Great-Sword
Gama 2 1 Peasant’s Weapon
Ono* 1 2 1 Hewing
Bo 1 1 Monk’s Weapon
Bokken 0 1 Training Sword
Hanbo, Jo 1 1
Jutte, Jitte, Sai 1 1
Kanabo 2 3 Crushing
Tekkan 1 0 Blunt Edge
Yawara, Yawara-bo 1 0 Monk’s Weapon
Yubi-bo 1 0 Shinobi’s Weapon
Hoko Yari 2 4 Keep At A Distance
Yari* 2 4 1
Bisento 3 4 Peasant’s Weapon
Naginata 3 4
Sasumata, Sodegarami, Tsukubo 1 4 Entangling
Scythe 2 4 Peasant’s Weapon
Kunai* 1 1 1 Roped
Daikyu 2 4 4
Hankyu 1 3 2
Fukiya 1 1 1 Shinobi’s Weapon
Chigiriki 2 3 Entangling
Kusari-gama, Kusari-fundo 2 1 Shinobi’s Weapon, Entangling
Kyoketsu-shoge* 1 1 1 Shinobie’s Weapon, Entangling, Roped


Armor Armor Rating Bulk Aspects Stunts
Leather Laminar 1 1 Expensive
Kikko, Leather Lamellar 1 2
Kusari 1 2 Blade-Turning, Expensive
Iron Lamellar 2 4
Iron Laminar 2 3 Expensive


Gear Effect Aspects
Finger of Jade Limited protection from Taint Exposure Expensive, Taint Resistance
Jade Petal Tea Limited protection from Taint Growth Restricted, Telling
Horse Normal Riding Horse

Magical Gear

Magical gear is very rare in Sekai, but it does exist. It can be modeled by simply adding Aspects and/or Stunts to mundane gear. Magical gear costs 1 Refresh for each stunt added. Aspects might be added to an item for free, or might cost 1 refresh – depending on the aspect. Remember these can be invoked and compelled.

Most often, magical equipment is not created by a Shugenja, though it can be. Instead, it is generally power awakened from a long life of usage towards a specific end. If you’d like to “awaken” magic within an item, talk to me and we’ll work it out.


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