Maho Spells

Maho Spells

Maho spells are unique in that you must possess the Blood Magic stunt in order to cast them. The caster must also inflict at least 1 physical stress on themselves (or another if they have the Blood Source stunt). If you opt to utilize the Blood Magic stunt and take a consequence for benefit instead, you do not need to inflict this stress. Worse than that, however, is the Taint that it inflicts. Although many maho-tsukai refuse to believe they are dabbling in the powers of Jigoku, in fact that is exactly what they are doing, and every time a maho-tsukai calls on the kansen, he opens himself to the Taint. Each time a maho-tsukai successfully casts a maho spell, he gains a number of points of taint: 1 for a simple, 2 for a moderate, 3 for a complex, or 4 for a master. If you utilize the Blood Magic stunt on a maho spell, the taint from the spell replaces the taint from the feat. If you use a Blood Source, you both suffer the taint. Additionally, you’ll notice the difficulty of all Maho spells are reduced by 2. Maho is an easy path to power, tempting many to take it.

Bleeding (Physical Attack) (Fire)
This spell inflicts a malignant kansen on a person. The target of the spell generally defends with Physique. The target begins bleeding, suffering 2 physical stress initially and then 1 physical stress per exchange for each shift.

Blood Rite (Recovery)
A deceptive spell which allows many maho-tsukai to masquerade as noble priests, healing the injured. This spell convinces the kansen to flow into the target, stimulating his flesh to heal and knit itself closed, and stimulating his body to feats of physical prowess. The target recovers a physical consequence, and the difficulty is set to the level of the consequence. Once for free, and again for every two shifts of success you can place an aspect on them representing vigor or well being of some sort. However, there is a cruel price for the assistance of the kansen: the target of the spell immediately gains 1d10 points of shadowlands taint.

Blood and Darkness (2) (Air)
This spell plunges the air around the caster into an unnatural visual obscurement, either pitch black or dark blood red as the caster desires, as the kansen literally block the vision of everyone in the area of effect. Everyone who enters or remains within the spell’s area of effect, except for the caster, is considered to be Blind until they move out of the area of effect. The caster can see normally – the kansen recognize their master and do not block his vision. The zone of obscurement does not move once it is created. Magical effects or Shadowlands powers that overcome blindness can see through the obfuscation, but otherwise there is no way to overcome the effect until the spell expires at the end of the scene.
Illusion, Room Full

Disrupt the Limb (2) (Water)
This curse causes the muscles of a target limb – an arm or leg of the caster’s choice that he can see – to be afflicted with pain, weakness, and tremors for the duration of the spell. Add an aspect to the target representing this to the character.
Command, 1 target, sight

Inspire Fear (2) (Air)
This maho spell causes the target person (in sight) to gain a Phobia of the caster’s choice. For the duration, attach an aspect representing the Phobia of a nature chosen by the caster to the character. Maho-tsukai frequently use this spell to make their victims afraid of their weapons or allies, to make shugenja afraid of their spell-scrolls, or other cruel tricks.
Command, 1 target, sight

Legacy of the Dark One (2) (Air)
This subtle maho spell causes distracting kansen to cluster around the target, disrupting his connection to the true Void. The target loses one Fate Point, and cannot regain it during this scene.
Command, 1 target, sight

Sinful Dreams (6) (Air)
This subtle and sinister spell causes the target to experience dreams of committing dark, sinful, and dishonorable acts. It can only be cast on a person who is sleeping (though with two shifts of success, it can be cast on someone who is in a situation where they could easily fall asleep – resting, meditating, etc). The caster need not know exactly where the target is located. Due to the impact of these disturbing and distracting dreams, the victim of the spell becomes vulnerable to future manipulation by the caster. The caster places an aspect on the target that only he can invoke, Susceptible, which can be invoked on any social rolls to tempt or intimidate the victim.
Command, 1 target, second-hand knowledge, session, dreamweaving

Summon Undead Champion (3) (Earth)
This spell is used by maho-tsukai to quickly bring forth undead warriors to protect themselves or slaughter their enemies. It must be cast on a corpse which is within the caster’s zone – it cannot target a living creature. The corpse will be animated by kansen, rising up and serving the caster as best it can. Mechanically, the animated corpse is considered a zombie. It obeys any simple commands (such as “kill them” or “wait here” from the maho-tsukai who summoned it. Complex or conditional orders cannot be understood, and the zombie will simply stand and wait uintil it is given an order simple enough to understand. Once created, it can move freely beyond the spell’s initial range.
If the zombie is beheaded or destroyed, it will not reanimate unless the spell is cast again. At the end of the scene, the kansen will depart and the undead creature will collapse to the ground, becoming nothing more than a corpse….for a while. The spell inflicts 1 rank of taint on the corpse, and it will eventually draw more kansen back to it.
Casting this spell on a corpse that’s been tainted for a day and dead for a night causes it to be permanent, though the caster’s control only remains for the scene.
Command, human

Written in Blood (1) (Fire)
Maho-tsukai use this spell to leave hidden messages, either to communicate with each other or to intimidate others. The message is written in blood onto any flat surface, and may be up to ten words long (shifts can be spent to lengthen the message). When the message is completed, the blood will sink into the surface and disappear, reappearing later when a condition set by the caster is fulfilled. Conditions for the message’s reappearance can be as simple or as complex as the caster might desire, so long as they are conditions the kansen can reasonably perceive. Until the message reappears, it is physically undetectable, although spells such as Sense or By the Light of the Moon will detect something magically concealed in the surface. If the story ends without the trigger being met, the hidden blood will reappear without forming the message.
Divination, Story

Caress of Fu Leng (2) (Earth)
This spell summons a dark kansen to consume and destroy the substance most inimical to them – jade. The caster may target any one jade item, weapon, or object within the spell’s range (he must be able to see it). The jade is instantly corrupted, its blessed properties annihilated by an overwhelming saturation of Taint. Only a foul black slime is left behind. This cannot affect an awakened nemuranai (magical relic) that contains jade.
Destruction, Sight

Curse of the Unblinking Eye (3) (Air)
This spell curses the touched target with the attentions of malignant Air kansen who prevent him from sleeping. For the duration of the spell, the victim cannot sleep. For each day he goes without sleep, he must make a Physique roll at a difficulty of 1 per day of sleep missed or suffer a mild physical consequence for fatigue. This consequence cannot be recovered until rested. If the character already has a mild consequence from fatigue, he suffers a moderate, and so on. The spell lasts 1 day and affects one target. Shifts of success can be spent to increase the duration (1 day per shift) or affect more targets (1 persno per shift).
Command, 1 Target

Curse of Weakness
A more powerful form of the spell Disrupt Limb, this spell inflicts an overwhelming barrage of angry Water kansen on the target. The kansen flow through his body, inflicting headache, weakness, fatigue, and muscle tremors. For the duration of the spell, he gains the aspect “Debilitated” which can be invoked on any skill roll against him, or serve as a

*Drain the Soul
This spell causes malignant Earth kansen to afflict the target, draining away his natural Earth and leaving him weak and sickly. For the duration of the scene, the victim fills in his highest stress box

Pain (3) (Earth)
This spell wracks the target with intense physical pain, shooting up and down the limbs through the torso. The target gets the aspect “Intense Pain” and must make a Will check with a difficulty of 3 to avoid crying/writhing in pain which could cause a loss in Honor and/or Glory. This lasts for one exchange plus one exchange per shift of success.
Command, 1 Target

Puppet Master (5) (Fire)
This spell allows a maho-tsukai to exert his will against any undead creatures he can see, taking control of them and forcing them to obey his will. If the spell targets a mindless uncontrolled creature such as a zombie, the caster takes control of it automatically. If the spell targets a free-willed undead creature such as a penaggalon, the caster must succeed in a Contested Will roll against the creature. Likewise, if the spell targets an undead creature controlled by someone else, the caster must succeed in a contested Will against the controller.
Once controlled, the undead will obey the caster’s commands for the duration of the spell, subject to the limits of the creature’s intelligence. Zombies will typically only be able to comprehend the most basic of orders (“kill him”, etc). At the end of the spell’s duration (one scene), the undead either revert to the control of their previous master (if they had one) or become free-willed once more.
Command, 1 target, sight, scene

Spreading the Darkness (4) (Earth)
This sinister curse is employed by maho-tsukai both to control their own Taint and to spread the gift of Jigoku to others. The spell targets two people, at least one of which must have the Shadowlands Taint. The spell causes some of this Taint to leave that creature and transfer to the other, the kansen gleefully carrying the gift of Jigoku from one creature to the other. The maximum number of Taint points which can be moved in this manner is equal to the caster’s Earth skill – minimum one – however it can never remove the last point of Taint from the target. Once the Taint has its grip on someone, it is supremely unwilling to let go. If the person receiving the Taint is an unwilling target, the caster must succeed on a Contested Will roll against the target, or the spell fails.
Alteration, 1 Target

Maho Spells

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