Air Spells

Air Spells

Blessed Winds (Physical Defense)
You summon a swirling aura of winds to protect you from ranged attacks. The buffeting winds deflect arrows and other projectiles. Use this to defend against ranged attacks.

By the Light of the Moon (2)
You call upon the Kami to reveal that which has been hidden. All concealed objects within the area of effect appear as slightly luminous outlines to you. Any non-magical concealment is revealed, including secret compartments, trap doors, concealed weapons, etc. Only you can see the presence of these objects.
Divination, room full

Cloak of Night (3)
You call upon the kami to wrap an object in their embrace, hiding it from the sight of mortal beings. You may target any one non-living object smaller than you. This object becomes invisible to the naked eye. Attempts to perceive it magically will automatically succeed if the difficulty of that spell is higher than this spell. Spells of equal difficulty require a Contested Air roll to detect the hidden object. The object is still physically present and can be touched, smelled, tasted, and heard like normal.
Illusion, 1 target

Legacy of Kaze-no-Kami (6)
You are able to call upon the spirits of the wind to take form as a bird and carry a message for you. The bird that is created by this spell appears perfectly normal in all regards, but if it takes any stress it dissipates into wind immediately, ending the spell. Upon creating the bird, you may speak to it, giving it a spoken message of up to one minute in length. The bird will then fly away to deliver the message to the person (or persons) specified when the spell is cast. You must identify the person by name. Reduce the difficulty by 1 if you know the person well, or by 2 if you have a personal effect of the person. The bird will fly to their location, deliver the message via a whisper (it can be overheard by others, but not easily), and then disappear. If the bird is unable to reach the individual, but they are within range (if they are within a building with no windows, for instance), it will remain outside waiting for up to one week before disappearing. If the person specified by the spell is not within range, the bird will fly away in a random direction and disappear when it is out of your line of sight.
Divination, 1 target, second-hand knowledge, session

Nature’s Touch (1)
You are able to use the spirits of the wind to speak to an animal that you can see and ensure it understands what you are saying. This spell works only on natural animals, and will not work with Shadowlands creatures or creatures from other realms. It does not guarantee that the animal will regard you positively or that it will fulfill requests made of it, but the creature will understand anything you tell it (within its ability to do so, naturally – political relationships will have no meaning to a horse, no matter how many times you explain them). This spell lasts as long as you maintain concentration and your full and undivided attention on the animal and continue speaking to it.
Divination, 1 target, sight, concentration

Tempest of Air (Physical Attack)
You summon a powerful gust of air emanating from your position that crashes into all in its path, knocking them to the ground. Make an attack against a target in your zone or an adjacent zone. The target (normally) defends with Physique or Earth. You may divide your attack roll among any number of targets in that zone.

Token of Memory (3)
You can create a flawless illusion of one object. The item appears real in every way up until the spell expires, at which point it disappears. If you are attempting to duplicate a specific, familiar object, such as another samurai’s katana, they are entitled to a contested roll of Awareness against your spell roll to detect the forgery. Images created by the spell are completely stationary, and if placed in a situation where they must move (such as floating in water), they disappear instantly. An image of a katana could be created sitting on a rack, for example, but not in a samurai’s obi because it would not be able to move with the samurai. Objects created with this spell have no true physical substance and cannot bear weight or inflict damage, and last until the end of the scene.
Illusion, human size

To Seek the Truth [Recovery]
You call upon the wind to purge the mind of your target, granting him clarity. This spell begins the recovery process for a Mental Consequence. The difficulty is equal to the value of the consequence you took.

Way of Deception (4)
You can entreat the capricious spirits of the wind to create a perfect duplicate image of you a short distance away (up to 1 zone). The illusion exactly reflects your appearance at the time the spell is cast, including your clothing and any equipment. The illusion may appear anywhere within the spell’s range, and will perform whatever actions you perform while it is in effect (if you sit down, for instance, your duplicate will sit down as well, even if there is nothing to sit on.) If you leave the range of the spell, the duplicate disappears. If you succeed with style, you can chose to be able to leave the range of the spell and the duplicate will remain until the end of the scene.
Illusion, self, sight

Yari of Air (6)
You summon a swirling weapon of pure air, only visible as a foggy outline. The weapon’s default form is a yari but one shift can change it to any other spear of your choosing. It is a WR1, Bulk 3 weapon. You may use 1/2 (round down) your rank in Air or your Fight skill, whichever is higher. The weapon disappears if it is lost from your hand. Instead of summoning the yari for yourself, you may cause it to appear in the hands of an ally within your zone for 1 shift.
Creation, moderate, concentration (disappears if it is dropped)

Benten’s Touch (5)
By calling upon the air kami to whisper suggestions to others, you may cause them to perceive the target of this spell more positively than they otherwise might. The target of this spell gains the aspect representing temporarily improved social skills for the duration of the scene (ie, Friend of the Kami, Silver-tounged, etc).
Command, 1 target

Call Upon the Wind (5)
The winds can lift and bouy, carrying even the heaviest burden into the skies for short periods. The target of this spell gains a limited form of flight, allowing him to move through the air unimpeded. Heavy winds can interfere with this movement or prevent it altogether. At the end of the scene, or if concentration is interrupted, the target drifts slowly to the ground, no matter how high he might be.
Alteration, 1 target, concentration

Hidden Visage (2)
Air kami are mischievous and capricious, and enjoy anything they perceive as a joke. You may call upon them to create a subtle illusion, altering your facial features just enough that you appear to be a different person until the end of the scene. This spell does not allow you to impersonate specific individuals, or even people radically different from you. You appear as a person of the same age, build, race, and gender. The differences are subtle, enough that you could be mistaken for your own brother or cousin.

The Kami’s Whisper (3)
The Kami of the wind can carry whispers for great distances, and can even create them if properly entreated. You can petition the kami to create a false sound, either a voice or a natural sound such as an animal’s growl or running water, for example. The sound can be no louder than a normal speaking voice, and cannot impersonate a specific person’s voice, and must be in your zone or an adjacent zone. If used to create the sound of a voice ,the spell is limited to 20 words.
Illusion, nearby zone

Mists of Illusion (4)
With greater fluency with the kami comes the ability to craft increasingly convincing images from the stuff of the wind itself. You may create illusions of any object, individual, or image that you can imagine. These images are stationary, and they must fit within the spell’s are of effect, but they can be as simple or complex as desired. These illusions are visual only.
Illusion, human size, moderate

Secrets on the Wind (5)
The kami can carry whispers across an Empire, if properly entreated to do so. This spell requires you to perform a preparation ritual in order to cast it effectively. The ritual requires ten minutes of uninterrupted meditation in the area designated as the spell’s area of effect. Any time within the session, you may cast this spell and overhear anything being said in the prepared area. If your concentration is interrupted, the effect ends and may not be renewed without an additional preparation ritual. Only one area may be prepared via this ritual at a time.
Divination, room full, moderate, session

Whispering Wind (1)
The air kami see very little difference between speech and thought, and can perceive both with relative ease. By comparing the two, the kami can determine if what has been spoken is true, or a lie. Unfortunately, they have notoriously short attention spans, and thus can only assess extremely recent conversations. By invoking this spell, you may determine if the last thing said by the target was true or false. The kami have no concept of personal opinion, however, and if the target truly believes what he said was true, the kami will believe it as well.
Divination, 1 target

Wolf’s Proposal (6)
This spell, crafted to facilitate initial relations between groups, is easily twisted to nefarious purposes. It calls the kami to create a subtle aura of suggestion around the caster, one that does not disguise the caster but rather causes others to perceive him as slightly more benevolent than perhaps he truly is. For the duration of the scene, your Honor Rank is considered 3 ranks higher for the purpose of any rolls made to determine it.
Command, moderate

Essence of Air (6)
Air can be merged with the essence of a mortal, and doing so can impart tremendous abilities, albeit at great risk to the caster. You mix with the wind itself and become insubstantial. You may not interact with any physical objects while insubstantial, although you do remain on the ground, and you may pass through solid objects at a rate of one foot per round. You may not cast any other spells until you return to solidarity. Max duration one scene, requires concentration.
Alteration, moderate, concentration

The Eye Shall Not See
You call upon the kami to create an area of distraction surrounding you, drawing all attention away from you and your actions. The kami whispers in the ears of those within one zone of you (or of the target if you cast the spell on someone else), causing them to be conveniently distracted from your presence. You are not invisible but those within the range will not see you as long as you don’t make any loud noises or draw attention to yourself. Those outside the distance are not distracted, however, and will see you perfectly well regardless of your action or inaction. This lasts up to one scene.
Illusion, 1 target, nearby zone

Mask of the Wind (4)
A skilled shugenja can petition the kami to create incredibly elaborate illusions to obscure one’s identity and appearance. You may use this spell to adopt the appearance of any humanoid creature of approximately the same size, up to one foot taller or shorter than you. You could use this spell to assume the guise of a kenku, for example, because they are roughly the same size as humans. A goblin or an ogre would be impossible, however, because they are too short and too large, respectively. You cannot impersonate specific individuals with this.
Illusion, moderate

Striking the Storm (Physical Defense)
The most powerful winds can turn aside not only arrows, but steel as well. You may summon a buffet of winds that surrounds you in an unrelenting cocoon of swirling air. The force of the winds surrounding you prevents you from hearing others if they speak to you, however.

Summoning the Gale (7)
Swirling winds can be commanded to circle a designated target, preventing ranged attacks being made in either direction. This spell affects your zone or an adjacent one. Create an aspect of Strong Winds in the target zone.
Creation, nearby zone

Summon Fog (7)
The kami can be petitioned to coalesce in an area as they do on the coast, creating a thick, obscuring fog. Within the zone affected by your spell, the visibility is decreased to a meager five feet. Fabrics and other absorbent materials within the spell’s zone will become damp or even wet if they remain within it long enough. Small sources of open flame, such as candles, might be extinguished as well, at the GM’s discretion. The moistness of fog is extremely damaging to rice paper. Create an aspect of Foggy in the target nearby zone.
Creation, nearby zone

Your Heart’s Enemy (Attack, Mental)
The kami can see into the hearts of mortals, and can use that information at a shugenja’s request. You manifest the kami as an illusion of the thing your target fears most in the world. It may be an individual (the man who killed his father), or an item (a cursed blade that brought ruin to his family), or even a vista of some sort (an image of an enemy slaying his family). Target defends with Will.

False Realm (9)
The greatest masters of the wind can create illusions of such beauty and clarity that those affected by them might truly believe they were somewhere else. You can completely alter the appearance of the terrain within the zone of the spell. You can make a miserable swamp look, sound, and smell like a beautiful garden, or vice versa. Although these illusions can be extraordinarily intricate and completely convincing to all other senses, they still have no substance and cannot be touched.
Illusion, one zone, sight, complex

Gift of the Wind (5)
The ultimate gift of the wind spirits is to become like the wind itself: unseen. The wind kami surround you and render you completely invisible. No non-magical vision can detect your presence. You can still be touched, heard, and smelled, but unless you attack someone else, you remain invisible for the scene as long as you maintain concentration. The Kami consider attacking someone to be ruining the joke, and immediately end the spell’s effect if you do.
Illusion, complex, concentration

Know the Mind (6)
Although the ultimate secrets of the human mind are hidden even to the winds, air kami can pluch the most immediate thoughts from the minds of others and whisper them to those who carry their favor. For the duration of this spell, you essentially hear the surface thoughts of the spells target. You only learn things they are actively thinking about. For example, if you asked the name of the target’s daughter, that name would appear in their mind instantly even if they had no intention of speaking it aloud. A contested roll using your Intuition against theirs will also allow you to asses their true emotional state, regardless of how they appear physically.
Divination, 1 target, sight, Complex

Netsuke of the Wind (10)
Although it requires great favor, the air kami are willing to coalesce into a solid form for a short period of time if they are fond enough of the priest asking them. You may create a small object out of the air itself, something that can be held in one or both hands and that does not weigh more than twenty pounds at the most. TIt can be used functionally, including inflicting damage if it is a weapon. The object disappears at the end of the scene.
Creation, Complex

Symbol of Air (3)
Priests of the kami are capable of inscribing powerful wards that invoke the power of the elements against all who attempt to pass them. A Symbol of Air must be inscribed on a solid object, most often a door, window, gate, or other passageway. Anyone attempting to pass through this passageway or otherwise pass by the area protected by the Symbol is affected by the protective ward. Such persons are automatically affected by a Mental Attack roll (symbols attack skill is equal to the shifts of success when casting the ward vs defender’s Will) – afflicting the defender with fatigue and drowsiness. This spell may be dispelled by destroying the surface where the symbol was etched.
Abjuration, permanent, ofuda

Cloud the Mind (7)
This extremely invasive spell is considered blasphemous by most honorable shugenja, and many respectable shugenja orders would find its use reason for excommunication if not outright execution. This spell calls upon the air kami to befuddle and dismay a target, invading their mind and influencing their ability to recall exactly what has happened to them over a certain length of time. When this spell is cast against a target, the targets make a contested Will roll. If the caster succeeds, the target’s memories are disrupted, and they forget what has happened to them over the course of the past week. This information is completely lost to the target. What’s more, the spell renders them extremely susceptible to suggestion, and you can tell them what happened to them over the course of the missing time. This allows unscrupulous shugenja to exploit others and essentially give them false memories, although certain individuals are highly resistant to this manner of manipulation. It is possible to determine that an individual was the target of this spell through use of the Commune spell, but it requires that the kami be specifically asked if they can detect any such manipulation. You must touch your target – who must be sleeping – and spend 10 minutes preparing by burning incense.
Command, 1 target, permanent, Dreamweaving, Ritual

Draw Back the Shadow (8)
Just as the kami craft illusions, they can cast them aside. Within the zone affected by this spell, any illusions spells of a lower difficulty are automatically dispelled. Spells of this difficulty or higher require a contested Will roll between you and the shugenja who created those spells; if you are successful those illusions are dispelled as well. Ongoing magical effects that are not illusions may also be dispelled by this spell, but require a contested Will roll with their appropriate skill added to their will as well (ie a fire spell would be your Will vs their Will + Fire).
Destruction, 1 zone, permanent

Echoes on the Breeze (5)
No destination is beyond the reach of the wind. With a simple prayer to the kami you can send your words across the span of the Empire, whispering into the ear of anyone you need to send a message. The person must be someone you know, and the spell will establish a link between the two of you only as long as you can concentrate. You may communicate with one another, although you only hear each other’s voices as whispers. Both participants are instantly aware when the connection is forged, and either can end it at any point.
Divination, 1 target, intimate knowledge, moderate, concentration

Legion of the Moon (7)
The moon can reveal what is hidden, but also conceal those who receives its blessings. You may summon the greater blessing of the Moon and envelop a large group of people within it. completely obscuring them from sight. Every individual you choose within the area of effect of this spell is rendered invisible to all normal senses for the duration of the spell. Those within the area that you choose to exclude are not affected. Anyone affected by the spell who performs any action that physically interacts with an unaffected individual is immediately excluded from the spell effect.
Illusion, 1 room, complex, concentration

Slayer’s Knives (Physical Attack)
The wind can be deadly to those unprepared for its fury. You summon a powerful wind that tears through anything in its path. At your behest, the kami create a corridor of air filled with a cutting wind. Paper and light cloth are destroyed instantly, although heavier cloth may only be damaged. Anyone damaged by these winds could be knocked down. You may divide your roll equally among all targets in a zone.

Rise, Air (12)
The wind itself will take form to defend you. The ultimate actualization of the Summon spell, this spell summons a massive kami of pure air to serve you. It takes the form of a vaguely humanoid shape, roughly ten feet in height, with an indistinct outline visible only because of small debris caught up in its body. It generates powerful winds in its zone, and anybody attempting to move into or out of this zone must succeed on an Athletics or Physique check at Difficulty of 2. The Kami has Will and Physique equal to your Air skill, and Fight skill equal to half of your Air skill. Its attacks are treated as Weapon: 1. If it suffers a Moderate consequence or higher, it is dispelled.
Creation, Master

The False Legion (9)
The greatest illusory gift of the wind is the legion. Within the zone of this spell, you can create a number of illusory figures up to your Air skill x 10. These figures may be as detailed or as vague as you prefer (such as Crane bushi vs Heavy infantry of the fourth Dadoji legion), although you must be familiar with their appearance in order for this spell to take effect (you could not, for example, replicate a family mon you have never seen). The figures are fully mobile and will take whatever actions you desire as long as they do not leave the spell’s area of effect. They can be seen, heard or even smelled, but as with most illusions they cannot physically interact with objects or individuals in any way.
Illusion, Sight, Master

Wrath of the Kaze-no-Kami (Hurricane) (12)
The wrath of the air kami, and of the Fortune of the Wind, is truly dreadful to behold. In casting this spell, you unleash the full force of a hurricane upon your enemies. When the spell takes effect, you are standing in the eye of the storm. Your zone suffers no ill effects. Outside the eye, however, the brutal effects of the storm tear at everything in its path. Objects weighing less than five hundred pounds are lifted by the wind and tossed into the storm. Individuals in this area must hold on to something immobile or be cast into the winds to their certain death. Everyone within the affected area who does not have sturdy shelter suffers an attack of Air vs Physique, with a weapon rating of 1. Once per exchange, you can expend one shift of success to attack someone with a weapon rating of 4 in this matter. This spell lasts the scene unless the caster is interrupted. This spell may not be cast in a given area more than once per month, as it completely exhausts the favors of the air kami to perform it.
Destruction, Town full, Master, concentration

Air Spells

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