Character Creation

Character Creation


You might be a Samurai, a Ronin, a Monk, a Ninja, or even a Shugenja. It is a gender neutral world (mostly), so long as your character is human fits the theme of Rokugan, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Character creation falls into a few easy steps:

1. Create your aspects – 1 High Concept, 1 Trouble, and 3 General Aspects (which should come from your backstory). If your Clan/Family cannot be determined from your name, it should be in an aspect.
2. Choose your skills (3 Average (1), 3 Fair (2), 2 Good (+3).
3. Choose two free stunts. You may spend one of your (2) starting refresh to take a third stunt.
4. Write down any Possessions your character has.

That’s it! Onmyoji may want to create some spells ahead of time, but it’s not 100% necessary.


Aspects will be generated as per Fate Core. See Your Character Idea and Phase Trio. We’ll determine who shares with who after we know who will play. We may also do this in person, depending on how many want to.

Character Creation

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