Foolish are those who look to Fate as a shining force to protect them in this world, for even if it were as bright as the sun it would still cast a shadow behind those it lights. It is within these shadows that evil lurks, and the brighter the light the darker the shadow.

The world of Sekai is an Asian (primarily Japanese) inspired dark fantasy campaign for Fate Core. It seems as though the sun rarely shines upon the lands of Sekai these days. Undead and monsters wander the countryside. The Emperor is dead and a Champion of Yomi (the realm of the dead) rules the empire. Honor has become a rarity, and terror a daily way of life. This is the reign of the Kage no Kogo (The Empress of Shadows), the Maho-Tsukai (Blood Mage) who rules the lands. Her followers keep the regional Daimyo in line, quelling rebellious spirits with a brutality that leaves no question of her disregard for anything but her continued ruler-ship.

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Shadows of Fate

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