Note: Time is measured in Year of Mizuchi – based on the year the Kage no Kogo slew The Last Emperor.

    -26 YM

  • Matsuoka Ayane is born.

  • -4 YM

  • Matsuoka Ayane is effectively exiled to the Shadowlands on an impossible mission to retrieve a daisho lost to her clan.

  • -3 YM

  • Matsuoka Ayane returns from the Shadowlands a powerful Maho-Tsukai and slays her daimyo and assumes leadership of Clan Matsuoka.
  • The Last Emperor orders the Shogun to begin mobilizing clans against the Matsuoka Clan and restore rightful leadership

  • 1 YM

  • Clan Matsuoka successfully captures the capitol city and Matsuoka Ayane slays The Last Emperor and The Last Shogun. She assumes the title of Empress. Within the year all of Sekai is under her control.

  • 25 YM

  • Present Day.


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