If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Shadows of Fate was not designed in a vacuum. As such, it has taken inspiration from a great many sources. This is a page dedicated to recognizing and giving gratitude to those who have contributed to make this world what is is.


The setting borrows heavily from many sources. Most notably, Rokugan – the setting of Legend of the Five Rings. A CCG and Tabletop game both, Alderac has created an evocative world full of compelling characters and stories.

Another major influence is in cinema – the movie 47 Ronin. While the movie received abysmal reviews I found the movie beautiful . The imagery it presents is a perfect rendition of a more mystical Japan in my opinion, and every time I see it it makes me want to set a game like this up.

Of course, history is a major factor in both of the above. It was the rich history of Japan’s Sengoku period that inspired others to write stories about feudal Japan in the first place.


Shadows of Fate is a game setting for Fate Core by Evil Hat Productions. Its a fun and simple game system that emphasizes story, drama, and characters over detailed mechanics. The PDF is available as a pay what you want download from the site above, and a full SRD is also available here.

One of the benefits of Fate is it’s flexibility. It’s very easy to modify the mechanics to more accurately reflect your setting – and Shadows of Fate has been modified in this way.

The idea for Karma, first of all, stem’s from someone here at Obsidian Portal! Wolfhound’s Dresden Files: Dallas was my first introduction to a Fate system (the Dresden Files was an early version of Fate) and it’s had me interested in the setting ever since. His Bennies system is basically the same as my Karma system.

Onmyodo was taken with very few changes from a modern Tokyo fantasy game I found here. It’s a very interesting setting idea, and I had to change very little for it to work with this setting!

The skill list has been modified some. Most of it was found here, though I did make a few changes myself.


There are several user’s here on Obsidian Portal who have influenced my knowledge of CSS and design on this site. I can only recommenced you peruse my favorited campaigns on my profile to see who’s struck me. I favorite campaigns based not only on the content of their campaign but also on the aesthetics of their wiki. As such you may see campaigns that never started or even test campaigns set up merely to experiment with code and graphics – but it will allow you to see who has influenced my work.

I can specifically call out Langy, Cernig, Arsheesh, ChainsawXIV, HumAnnoyd, Wolfhound, Basileus, Ikabado, and Alex_Redeye as major contributors.

Additionally, all of my CSS is available for anybody to use as well. You can access the custom CSS of any obsidian portal campaign by going to this address:

(campaign url)/themes/custom_css.css


Much art has been acquired scouring the internet and hording things on my hard drive. I will attempt to credit artists here, for what I can find. If you find I am using any of your artwork on my site please send me a private message and I will gladly credit you. Thanks!


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