Matsuoka Ayane

Kage no Kogo - Empress of Shadow


Little is known of Matsuoka Ayane’s past. She was an Onmyoji for the Matsuoka clan, and a rather unremarkable one at that. Her daimyo sent her to the Shadowlands on what most would consider a suicide mission to recover a daisho lost by his ancestors centuries ago. She did not return with the daisho, but she came back as a remarkably powerful Maho-Tsukai instead. Not only for the crime of becoming a Maho-Tsukai, but for failing to return with the daisho, her Daimyo ordered her to commit seppuku. Instead she single-handedly slew him and his retainers. It wasn’t long before she gained control of her clan by force. The Emperor and Shogun of course did not approve of this, and even while she was wresting control of her clan from loyalists to the old Daimyo, began to move neighboring armies against her.

Hostilities lasted for over three years before Ayane’s forces finally captured the capitol, and after the death of the Last Shogun and Last Emperor, it was only another six months before she had complete control of Sekai.


Matsuoka Ayane

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